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Cutting Edge Innovation

Two separate shops house the latest in temporary, semi-permanent and permanent POP Design & Manufacturing technology.

Durst RHO 10001-durstrho1000
Prints with an 8-color UV-based ink set (CMYKcm Orange and Violet) at a resolution of 600DPI. This press supports a wide selection of substrates including – but not limited to – paper, plastic, and sheet goods.

Durst RHO 9002-durstrho900
Prints with a 7-color UV-based ink set (CMYKcm and White) at a resolution of 600DPI. This press supports a wide selection of substrates including, but not limited to, paper, plastic, sheet goods and roll-to-roll materials.

Esko/Kongsberg Die Cutting/Routing Tables3-routingtable
With a Kongsberg XP Auto cutter and two Kongsberg DCM Cutters, materials are quickly die cut or routed eliminating the need for expensive rotary or flatbed cutting dies.

Drytac VersaCoater XL804-versacoater
This liquid coater applies and cures various UV finishes on a wide variety of sheet and roll materials. The unit accepts material up to 80” in width.

GBC Film Laminator5-laminator
This film laminator utilizes traditional heat transfer technology to apply/bind UV film lamination to corrugated stock. The unit accepts sheets up to 60” in width.

Weeke BHP 200 CNC Router6-router
The CNC Router supports routing, boring and grooving of wood, metal and plastic components.

Brandt Edge Bander7-Brandt Edge Bander
The edge bander is used to apply a finished look to straight edged wooden permanent display components.